Expect nothing but unexpected twists from the tool maker who started its innovation journey making amphibious tools for the world’s harshest conditions.

Positive Lifting force for change

Under the moniker of “heavy lifting made easy”, our GRABOⓇ brand has disrupted the global handheld vacuum suction cup market with its patented vacuum-lifting technology, multiple use cases and lifting system adaptations. GRABOⓇ is fast becoming a positive force for change in how we lift and transport materials on the job site.

Nemo Power Tools brands are synonymous with innovation, disruptive technologies and high quality engineering. We empower builders and makers around the world to get their jobs done quicker, securely, comfortably and more efficiently.

Our highly experienced R&D engineering teams based in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Israel and Shenzhen, China are obsessively focused on building beneficial technologies, processes and thoughtful adaptations into our products. 

Here are some examples of our innovations:

  • Nemo Power Tools uses technologies generally found in more high tech products: sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry, batteries and electronics from the drone industry, and cooling technology from the computer industry.
  • Patented vacuum-lifting technology for anti slip gripping for an exhaustive list of material surfaces. 
  • Long reach arm extension lifting systems for ergonomic lifting.
  • Smart tools with digital pressure sensors to gauge the weight lifting capacity.
  • Remote control add-ons for controlling multiple GRABOs at a distance as part of a lifting system adaptation.
  • Unique battery-powered high flow vacuum pumps for adhering to dry cast pavers and more porous materials.
  • To come, bluetooth connection to apps for controlling the GRABO via a mobile device.

And we never stop. We are relentless in our pursuit of tool innovations, high performance engineering and quality end user experiences. 


We are obsessed with quality and always aim for the highest level of innovative engineering, performance and the highest standards of manufacturing and post-production quality controls. Take a behind the scenes look at our assembly line.

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