How Grabo Is Made

The products of Grabo are manufactured in our own sole proprietorship factory.

This means (unlike many brands) that we do not use OEM third-party manufacturing. The whole production line is run by our own staff. All Grabo units and many components are made by employees who are fully committed to Grabo. Each unit passes the quality assurance procedure and receives a unique serial number that is laser etched on the unit after passing all QC tests.

This unique manufacturing method is usually used only for mass production of high quality products such as top brand mobile phones, cars and cameras.

By running our own production facilities, we can ensure the best quality while utilizing economies of scale to provide the most competitive prices.

Nemo Power Tools Ltd. , the company behind Grabo, operates production facilities, customer service centers and engineering offices in the following locations:

Hong Kong (headquarters and head office)

Shenzhen (industrial engineering, logistics, light manufacturing)


Israel (Office of research and development and engineering)

Las Vegas, Nevada (customer support, warranty center, Phase II quality control and sales).

Grabo product image

Grabo Factory View

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